Instantly create a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Safely split one digital asset to many others. Or simply convert one to another, or even just forward.

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At the top there's this:

After selecting the desired input and outputs, click the Morph › button.

For example, select "Monero" in the left side and "Bitcoin" in the right side if you want to send Monero to MorphToken and receive Bitcoin from us.

Morph by API

It's easy to start integrating with MorphToken, here's an example for converting Ethereum to Bitcoin.

httpie  cURL  Python
http \
    "asset": "ETH",
    "refund": "0x4d2022abbda11a510ee109ea8a1446ed5fd8210d"
  }' \
    "asset": "BTC",
    "weight": 10000,
    "address": "3CuWxAYh8niCuhMfb5fXN5NjasiY54E8cc"

Visit the API page for more information.